About Us

Founded in 2002 as the Honey Shine Mentoring Program by Tracy Wilson Mourning, Honey Shine has grown in many ways over the last 10 years. In 2010, Honey Shine received 501c3 status as Honey Shine, Inc. Honey Shine’s mission is to encourage the balance of mind, body and soul in girls and young women by providing nurturing experiences that enlighten their paths and empower their future.


Honey Shine holds bi-monthly workshops, field trips, and a six-week summer camp for enrolled participants each year. “Aspire to Shine” workshops offer to the girls, who are affectionately called ‘Honey Bugs’, life-skills lessons and educational experiences that include: health, nutrition, sex and drug education, career mapping and academic enhancement.


Workshops are held at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, located outside of the girls’ communities to help them in developing personal goals, self-esteem, financial literacy, journaling and expression.


Group Mentoring

Statistics show that children, including teenagers, with positive role models in their lives tend to make better choices. Important to the success of Honey Shine are the mentors who provide guidance to the Honey Bugs. Mentors share their personal experiences and help guide them to a healthy and happy future.


Each workshop demonstrates the commonality that exists between all of us. The opportunity to give back is primarily the motivation for our mentors, but more often than not, they receive more through the relationships they develop with our Honey Bugs, who later become mentors themselves.


Honey Shine provides a space for self-expression. In every program, Honey Bugs end the sessions by writing out their thoughts and ideas on different chosen topics. It is important that they understand their voice is important and should always be heard.

Women Empowerment

Honey Shine provides a platform for young girls to develop their own voices as women. The program encourages Honey Bugs to break through stereotypes and helps them visualize their place in society as strong leaders.


Honey Shine and its mentors are here to nurture the Honey Bugs. Honey Shine presents a safe haven for these young girls giving them the attention and encouragement they so much deserve. Our mentors share wisdom as women who care to inspire them to achieve all of their dreams.